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Electronic Dance Duo Jack U, a collaboration between top dance artists Skrillex and Diplo, has made enormous waves since its inception in September 2013. From humble beginnings as musicians who simply shared an idea, to worldwide recognition and support, Jack U has quickly dominated the Electronic Dance Music community.

Their debut album, Skrillex and Diplo present Jack U, released February 27, 2015, won “Best Dance/Eletronic Album” at the 2016 Grammy Awards and has undoubtedly earned a spot as a top electronic album. Take a look at their 10 best tracks.

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Top song of jack u

Beyonce “7/11” (Jack U Remix)

Although a remix, Jack U’s edit of Beyonce’s sultry song, “7/11” is extremely notable, which is why it comes in tenth on this list. Originally a sexy R&B record consisting of a slower trap tempo and a fiery snare with Beyonce’s powerful vocals prevailing it all, Jack U transforms this track into an electronic masterpiece.

The duo speeds up the tempo, replaces the snare with bass and percussion synths, and adds funky effects to the vocals and beat, to create a playful and energetic remix that will be used in performances by producers across the electronic genre. Being their first remix as a duo, the pair certainly showcases their ability to enhance and modify a song with this remix.

Beats Knockin

The second track on their debut album, “Beats Knockin” comes in ninth on this top ten list. An extremely animated and energetic trap collaboration with New Orleans’ bounce artist, KENO (formerly Fly Boi Keno), “Beats Knockin” deserves recognition for its unique style and even more so, for its founding of what might be called “electronic bounce music.” Because of its futuristic innovation to morph two separate genres of music into one, this song is revolutionary with its vivacious beat and ebullient vocals.

Rickyxsan x Dirty Audio “Gettin’ It” (Jack U Edit)

The internet exploded when Jack U initially teased and performed their edit of Rickyxsan and Dirty Audio’s “Gettin’ It.” Unreleased at the time, fans went crazy over the teaser, taking to social media to obsessively ask about the song until answers were given about its identity. The two tracks are similar in nature, with Jack U creating a mashup of the original and 2 Chainz’s “Where You Been.” The edit has now become a staple in their performances, as well as, a popularly used track among producers within the genre and a frequent addition to fans’ playlists.

Jungle Bae

A wildly popular song off their debut album, that is additionally utilized among producers across the electronic spectrum, is “Jungle Bae” which comes in at number seven. An upbeat, reggae craftsmanship with MX Prime and Bunji Garlin, this song is another multi-genre banger to add to Jack U’s list of notable party tracks.


After its release on the album, “Febreze” immediately became a favorite among fans, bringing it in at number six on this list. A combination of a heavier, but simpler trap beat with accompanying eccentric verses from 2 Chainz, it’s pretty straightforward how this song came in sixth.

The verses by 2 Chainz are more than catchy with amusing lyrics like, “watch mad at my bracelet, my bracelet mad at my chain, chain mad at my pinky so I can’t wear no earrings” that create an interesting track that will arguably become the anthem of the summer (and potentially personal hygiene) for dance music fans.

Holla Out

A collaboration with Taranchyla and Snails, the creator of “vomitstep,” “Holla Out” comes in at number five on this list. Most definitely the most exciting track on the album in terms of tempo and effects, this song steers Jack U away from their standard trap base and takes them towards an adventurous one-of-a-kind sound. Meshing Skrillex’s famous heavy-hitting dubstep roots with Snails’ insane “vomitstep” and Jack U’s standard rhythm, this trifecta produces an extremely stimulating track that is sure to get you dancing, or at least, head-bobbing to the crazy beat.

To U

Another fantastic collaboration from their album, “To U” comes in at number four on the list for several reasons. First, AlunaGeorge’s bubbly vocals are the perfect addition to this track on its fluffy and bouncy beat. Following the standard trap foundation of Jack U, that incorporates reggae and moombahton-like effects and additions, “To U” breaks down at the drop mid-song, integrating Skrillex’s famous bass synths and searing bass lines that add the perfect touch to take this track from an emotive ballad to an animated anthem.

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